I am Handstanding

Wei Xing

I am Handstanding is an interesting video art work. It reminds the audience that they are subject to visual deception. The work uses video technology to give a sense of visual displacement;the reference figure in the image lead the audience to draw
conclusions about the spatial arrangement without thinking carefully. The audience sees Peng Yu doing a hand-stand against the wall, then, slowly, the hand that is supporting her lifts from the ground, leaving the audience bewildered, thinking that the artist must have used some sort of wiring device. Soon a dog appears on the wall, running across the wall. The artist then suddenly stands up, walk away on the wall, turns off the lights and the video comes to a stop. Only then does the audience
realize that the artist was merely lying on the ground. Feeling duped, the audience is simultaneously awed by how simple the trick was. Maybe it would have been better for the audience if we didn't reveal the secret, just like not revealing the secret behind a
magic trick.