Safe Island

Gu Zhenqing

For Safe Island, iron fences were erected in four sides a meter away from the inner wall of the exhibition hall to form an iron cage surrounding the center. en, in the narrow passage between the walls and the cage, there was one adult tiger. As the tiger was running around the exhibition hall, the audience entering or exiting from the exhibition hall must get through the two iron gates of the tiger passage. Sun Yuan & Peng Yu changed the restriction to tiger by human into the restriction to human by tiger. With the rules changed, the tiger could move here and there, sit or lie freely, while the freedom of the audience entering or exiting would depend on whether the tiger used or passed through this gate firstly, because audience could not walk through the passage until the tiger was far away from them. Sun Yuan & Peng Yu divided the exhibition hall into two parts. In the normal exhibition space, they made a tiger passage surrounding the whole exhibition hall. Peng Yu deemed that this space had ever existed, but people had not seen and used it, and they had just expressed this space with tiger to make the nonmaterialized space materialized and change the materialized rules with the excuse of absolutely reasonable "safety".