Contend for Hegemony

Gu Zhenqing

It is obvious that Sun Yuan & Peng Yu change the rules of the game for their project Contend for Hegemony. The usual confrontation of two boxers is rewritten into a fight between three boxers. Free combat mainly focuses on fighting and wrestling with hands and it derives from one of the confrontations of traditional Chinese combat. In recent years, with the establishment of a series of rules, free combat has come to be listed as a competitive
national sport. After Sun Yuan & Peng Yu changed the competition rules, the confrontation of two becomes that of
three, with a win or defeat according to points accrued. The new situation makes the original confrontation of the boxers invalid;they have to adjust to the new rules for their attack and defense; a complicated situation occurs suddenly, at the beginning of their confrontation, and tangled warfare is inevitable. In practice, the real contradictions and conflicts among countries or individuals have always been complicated and variable. The pure confrontation of two poles is superficial and exists only within the controlled background of the game. Sun Yuan & Peng Yu use the law of jungle in social competitions to change game rules, and thus present the reality of the complicated contradictions in our life.However, the artists pay no attention to the comparison of such
realities and their interest lies in revising the rules of participation.They also feel excited to be participating in something with which they are unfamiliar. Because the athletes that Sun Yuan & Peng
Yu invited for this artwork are professionals, the coaches who helped the artists redraft the rules of the sport were concerned about possible restrictions imposed by the National Sports Committee due to such revisions. Conversely, however, Sun Yuan suggests that, if possible, he would like to see the emergence of a new system of boxing due to his contribution.