Peng Yu

Higher was a project realized for the opening show of the F2 Gallery in Beijing. The artists had selected artworks from the gallery's collections and organized a "collection show." At the exhibition entrance, a 4-meter wall was built to block the walkway into the exhibition and a trampoline was placed in front of the wall. With this trampoline, audiences need to jump on the trampoline to view the exhibition. c more one wanted to see, the high one had to jump. The "collection show" was also made to flicker, generated by a lighting device placed on the ground. There were few people with a jumping ability that enabled them to see the works of a South Korean artist, where the words from different colors light bulbs spelled out the words "I love you."




这个计划是为F2 画廊在北京的首次开幕展制作的计划,我们利用画廊自己 的收藏精心挑选和布置了一个“收藏展”,之后在展览的门口砌了一个高 四米的墙封闭了整个展览,并且放置了一个成人蹦床在墙边。观众需要利用 蹦床不断的跳跃才可以看到瞬间消失在眼前的展览,希望看到的更多总是 需要跳跃的更高。整个“收藏展”照明忽明忽暗,那是一个摆放在地面的 灯光装置所发出的光,只有很少的跳得很高的观众看到了这个韩国艺术家的 作品,而那些不同颜色的灯泡所拼出的文字是“我爱你”。




You can use this trampoline to raise your view; you can see the exhibition inside the wall.

1: So that you can safely use the trampoline, please take off your shoes.

2: For safety reasons, the trampoline can only be used by one person at a time

3: Audience members who are over the age of 70 years old and under 6 years old, with rheumatism, paralysis and other serious illness should not use this trampoline.

4: Members of the audience who can jump well and who are taller, greetings to you.? Please give us your suggestions.

5: Those of the audience who have had professional gymnastics training please take care not to bump your head.

6: No Somersaults




1: 为了您能够安全的使用跳床,请您拖掉鞋子.请将手机,钥匙,小刀等易掉物品放在旁边的小框里。
2: 为了避免发生碰撞,跳床每次只能上一名观众.
3: 70岁以下六岁以上; 患严重骨关节疾病; 脑瘫; 偏瘫; 截瘫;高血压;孕妇等情况的观众请放弃.
4: 弹跳好, 有身高优势的观众, 祝贺你们.请多提宝贵意见.
5: 受过专业体操,跳水训练的观众: 小心碰头.