I am Here

Fang Min'er

I am Here was exhibited as part of the Moscow Biennial in 2007. The curator was an American, and all artists were from China and Latin America, countries on the periphery before, now considered new forces. The title of the exhibition We Are Your Future implied the possibility of power transfer. The work comprised a very small peephole in the wall opposite to the entrance gate. Through the peephole, we could see an eye belonging to a statue of a tall, elderly Arabic man, who seemed to be from the Middle East. He was wearing American-style military boots and cap, which didn't appear to belong to his captives. Inevitably, everyone upon entering the exhibition hall was seen by him. The work takes as its point of departure behavior that involves stealth and self-concealment and yet the title I am Here, suggests the baiting, gibing and mocking between opponents that imbues the work with a sense of play not unlike that of a game.





我在这是2007 年莫斯科双年展中一个独立项目的作品,该独立项目的 策展人是美国人,艺术家均来自中国及拉丁美州。中国和拉丁美州,以前 都被认为是地缘政治上的边缘地区,但近年来己俨然成长为世界的新势力, 而展览名为 我们是你的将来,则更令人联想到一种权力转移的可能性 。 作品在进场大门对面的墙上布置了一个很小的弹孔,透过弹孔可以看见一只 眼睛,这只眼晴来自墙的另一边,是一个高大的中亚地区穆斯林老年人形像 的雕塑,他身着美式军靴军帽——按理不属于他的战利品,他正透过弹孔 窥视敌方。每个人一进展厅便无可避免地被躲在暗处的他偷窥,主动权仿佛 己被剥夺。作品是以一个不光明的,鬼鬼祟祟的行为作为出发点,但作品 名称却有趣地以我在这——这样一个隐喻着一个公开举动的字句为诱饵, 充满对对手的嘲弄和挑衅,也使这两者之间的对立性饱含游戏的韵味。