Wei Xing

Barbarossa is one independent opus and also sets dramatic relation with Old People's Home, making the exhibition of Unmoved with the significance of a surreal stage. Artists enlarge a garbage bin and set electronic automatic control system for it so that the large garbage bin full of garbage is energized. Despite the presence of the visitors, it creates the rampage in the exhibition hall and strike the walls. However, Old People's Home still remains in the wall quietly. Artists connote the title of "empire" for the garbage truck to make it with personality and right, and make the two opuses in mixed state so that the world relationship becomes complicated. Barbarossa is like one foretell of young heart; however, it is hard to confirm whether Barbarossa provides Old People's Home with energetic special experience or Barbarossa is close to Old People's Home in terms of style.




巴巴罗萨既是一个独立的作品,同时也和老人院一起构建了戏剧化的关系, 使无动于衷这个展览呈现一种超现实的舞台意味。艺术家将一个垃圾箱放大, 并为他设计了电子的自动控制系统,使一个超大的装满垃圾的垃圾箱充满 能量,不顾观众,在展厅中横冲直撞,不断的撞击着场地内的墙壁,而墙里 则是老人院。
艺术家给一个垃圾车“加冕”了皇帝的称号,使它具有性格和权利,并制造 了两个作品相互纠葛的状态,从而使它们之间的关系复杂化。巴巴罗萨 像一个童心未泯的预言,但是,很难确定的是,这是巴巴罗萨提供给老人院 具有活力的特殊经验,还是巴巴罗萨向老人院靠近的方式?