I Didn’t Notice What I am Doing



“I Didn’t Notice What I am Doing” (2012), raises questions about how we think and behave. It is an installation consisting of various sets of objects centered on the subliminal dimension that underpins everyday decision-making process and action. As an investigation into the way subliminal structuring determines human behavior, they created combinations out of which similarities arise as a matter of course ----a procedure they termed fake Darwinism, or the presentation of an ostensible scientific explanation by organizing the world through seemingly plausible correlations. The plausibility of such correlations is based on a process of visual selection that escapes the subject. This is said to help people in dealing with their uncontrolled need for safety.

Looking at the work, the triceratops conjures similarities with the modern rhinoceros, the two creatures belong to completely different species and there is no evolutionary link between them. Furthermore, triceratops, rhinoceros and macaw parrots all have morphologically similar upper jaws.

Exterior similarities make us spontaneously create some abstract connections between phenomena which are biologically very distant, allowing ourselves to ignore the actual lack of any scientific mutual relation between them. For example a red object held by some dry trees, or something which seems rusty but it's actually covered by shells and marine debris, a video showin

g a Koy fish swimming crazily in the water, these are all objects unconsciously chosen to be shown to the public.
Sometimes, as the title of the work implies, such connections are made purely intuitively and are not based on scientific facts.