Dear Dr. Chen:

Greetings, my name is Peng Yu.

I have used your production fee to purchase two imitation guns. Sun Yuan is infatuated with them, and I am fond as well. But because firearms are currently illegal in China, these imitation guns are also prohibited, and the same goes for knives (though culinary ones are okay). A violation would bring about uncertain punishment (I am not even sure what kind of price one would have to pay). Especially in recent years, control over these items has become very strict, I even heard a few years ago that someone that purchased toy guys was later caught and accused of ¡°possessing a weapon¡±. Under these circumstances, we have no choice but to leave these items stored in your care, though at present I cannot say for how long. I am jealous that you will be able to display these imitation guns your home, and I am hopeful that one day they can be returned to my home in Beijing. When that time comes I will surely invite all of my buddies and Taiwan friends to come have a drink!

While these guns are in your home, take good care of them for us and safeguard them for us. At those times when we are unable to see them, take photographs of them for us; if I want to hug and touch them, you can hug and touch them for us and send us a photo by email¡ªthen it will feel like we are holding them. If we want to shoot off a few rounds, we can use Skype to instruct you on how to fire them (but I suggest you don't wear clothes that are too clean). If I have time I might buy some more accessories and have them sent straight to your home and then I can teach you how to install them. If I have friends coming through Taipei who want to see the guns, I might get in touch with you and when the time comes, ask that you to open your doors and show to my friends, just don¡¯t forget to take a picture together (but be careful not to obstruct the gun when taking the photo)! It will make us so happy! When you are taking care of the guns please don¡¯t use any rough cloth, the best is to use suede and a drop of oil (because Taiwan is humid, over long periods of time it¡¯s possible to rust). I am not joking ¨C these things are very important to us! Please follow our instructions!

If one day, you find yourself falling in love with guns too, I don't recommend you take them to bed with you, because the oil will ruin the bedsheets. Without our consent, do not play or handle them yourself. When you handle them you should always be alert: point the barrel upwards, don't let it touch the ground and don¡¯t ever drop the gun onto the ground, especially the M200 (once it falls it will be broken).

We¡¯ve already said too much¡ªif I think of anything else I will get in touch and let you know. Finally, let us say this: we wish you can enjoy them as much as us!

All the best,
[in regards to the project Open Sesame]
Peng Yu
Saturday, March 3, 2012
Rose Boutique Hotel, Taipei