本合約規範之計畫物件一、SHOEI MG-42瓦斯機槍;物件二、SOCOM GEARM200狙擊步槍;物件三、德制原版軍品機槍腳架(下略物件,見副本圖片)為孫原彭禹所有,因現實因素無法運回中國,故由乙方自願無限期保管,並不得轉讓保管權。

(一) 乙方在保管期間,承諾至少在其家裡以展示方式擺放一年(保管起始時間由物件到達陳府起計)。
(二) 乙方負有物件清理,維護,常規性保養之義務,其衍生費用由乙方支付。乙方並應保證物件在保管期結束時與初始保管狀態一致。

(三) 乙方有義務於保管期間依照甲方要求定期拍攝照片,並接受觀眾預約參觀之要求(含一年展示期屆滿後之期間)。
(四) 乙方擁有在合約存續期間展出此計畫的權力。
(五) 如物件已歸還甲方,除甲方外,乙方仍擁有對外唯一的計畫展示權。




甲方代表簽署人:彭禹 乙方:陈泊文

地址: 中國北京市酒仙橋路4號 地址:台北市北投区光明路145号
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Taipei Contemporary Art Centrt Taiwan

The below is an agreement between the following two parties:

Sun Yuan, Peng Yu (Owners), hereafter ‘Party A’
Mr. Chen Bowen (Custodian) hereafter ‘Party B’

Concerning and defining the nature of the collaboration? “Open Sesame” (hereafter ‘the project’), created by Party A on the occasion of “Trading Futures” exhibition (dates March 3, 2012 to March 31, 2012, organized by the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, held at Taipei Contemporary Art Center, hereafter ‘the exhibition’)

Section I: Rights and Obligations
This agreement states that the following items: one pneumatic machine gun SHOEI MG-42, one sniper rifle SOCOM GEAR, and German manufactured military-grade tripod stand (see attached photos), hereafter referred to as ‘the objects’, are the sole ownership of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Because these items cannot be transported to China due to legal reasons, they will remain under the custody of Party B indefinitely.

1. While ‘the objects’ are under the care of Party B, Party B is obligated to display them in his home for a consecutive period totaling one year (time period to be calculated from date ‘the objects’ arrive in Party B’s possession)
2. Party B is responsible for cleaning, maintenance and repair of ‘the objects’. All? resulting costs are to be incurred by Party B. Party B is responsible for keeping ‘the objects’ in the same condition as when received.
3. During the period of custody, Party B is required to take photographs of ‘the objects’ as requested by Party A (including the first year of display period and following after)
4. Party B retains the right to display ‘the objects’ during the period of custody outlined in this contract.
5. If ‘the objects’ are returned to Party A, except Party A, Party B retains the right to borrow ‘the objects’ for display.

Section II: Contract termination
1. Under conditions whereby ‘the objects’ can be transported back to China, and Party A requests they are transported to China, Party B unconditionally accept the terms of their return and shall provide necessary arrangements for their transport.
2. Under conditions whereby Party A immigrates to another country, Party A shall reclaim full custody of the items. Party B shall unconditionally accept the terms of their return and shall provide necessary arrangements for their transport.

Section III: Dispute Resolution
All matters not covered in this Agreement or any dispute concerning the interpretation of this agreement shall be settled through negotiated agreement of both parties.



Party A Representative:Pengyu Party B Representative Cheng bowen


Address: 4 Jiuxiangqiao Road, Beijing, CHINA Address:NO.145 guangming Road,Taibei
Telephone: 86-13501170543 Telephone: 886-915395188

Date: 2012.3.4