Wang ChunShan - Mover of Mountains

Wang ChunShan - Mover of Mountains



Project Pillar、 Wang Chunshan(the Curator for the Exhibition)
2005《Renovation》, Long March Space, Beijing, China
项目 柱子、王春山(该展览的策划人)

Wang Chunshan - Mover of Mountains

Fang Min'er

The "Pagoda-bearing Heavenly King" is a character in a Chinese
fable. He is the God of Heaven and has a powerful pagoda in his hand. If he loses this pagoda, however, he loses his power. The Turtle God is another fabled character. Before the construction of an important palace or monument, people will make a statue of the Turtle God to place under the building or place a monument on the Turtle God's body to ensure that the Turtle God will not leave and will protect the palace or monument forever. Wang Chunshan is a well-known building contractor in the Beijing art scene. He has participated in the construction and renovation of many Beijing galleries. Because of his outstanding contributions, he has become "well-known to all in the art circle." After he had finished the construction project at the Long March Space, the latter invited him to plan the show in their first new place, thus he became the curator of this show. The name of the show was Renovation. The curator invited Sun Yuan & Peng Yu to participate in the exhibition. In order to support this old friend's project, they specially tailored a work to fit the concept of the show: Wang Chunshan—Mover of Mountains. In this work, they asked the curator to make one column, which was completely the same as other columns in the exhibition hall, and then they put the curator under the column. The Heavenly King and Turtle God are characters from fables, but their fates are to "bear the pagoda" and "be pressed down"; divine power has a cost, and the cost paid is always paradoxical, if not tragic.



中国的神话里有一个人物,叫做“托塔天王”,他的手中托着一个宝塔, 极具威力。但是如果天王手里没有托着这个塔,他似乎就失去了神力。在 中国的民间有一种震宅的神龟,在人们修建重要的宫殿或者房屋之前,会 制造神龟的石像雕塑压在房屋下边,以表示神龟因被压住不会离开,从而 永远保佑着这个宫殿或这个地方。 王春山在北京是一个搞建筑装修的师傅,北京的很多画廊他都参与了改建 和装修,他在北京画廊业突然勃勃兴起的时刻成为了“艺术界家喻户晓”的人。 甚至在给长征空间做完装修之后,长征空间居然请他来策划他们的第一个 新空间的展览。他是这个展览的策划人。展览的名字叫:装修。策划人邀请 孙原和彭禹参加了他的装修,为了支持这个老朋友的项目,他们专门为他 定制了这个计划托塔王春山。他们的计划是:请策划人自己做一个柱子, 和展厅里的其他柱子形式上完全一样,并且将自己压在这个柱子下边。 天王和神龟是人的一个神话,但是“托塔”和“被压”却是他们的宿命, 神力的赋予和为此付出的代价总是矛盾的,甚至略感悲凉。