Seven Days

Seven Days



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2012《Suspicion, Night breezes - Neverending Voyag》, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

7 Days was a project conceived in 2005, against the backdrop of the Ten _ousand Years exhibition, but it only took place in 2008 in the Philippines at St _omas University. During World War II, the university acted as a Japanese concentration camp for American POWs. _e plan was to be 'put to prison' there for seven days. In addition to basic provisions, each artist was given one piece of material for the project, and was to complete his or her project within the seven-day period allotted. Sun Yuan's project was highly personalized. He was completely isolated from the outside. Although he had plenty of food and water, he had no sound, no sunlight, and no other way to tell time, using instead his biological clock to calculate the passing of his seven days. When he thought the time was up, he was to unseal the door and come out. _ere was a stopwatch at the door, which was used to record the amount of time that had passed. In actuality, he did not make it through the full seven days, and came out after 5 days 12 hours 47 minutes and 10 seconds. Sun Yuan's seven-day,he not only has enough food and water, but also normal living conditions. Moreover, he could also terminate the exercise at will. He was in control, and it was not a sabotage of the body and soul; instead,this work bore the character of a scientific experiment. Time sets the ultimate limits for human beings. _is experiment explores the difference between the internal and external reality of time, seeking to adjudicate between self-made patterns and natural patterns, and to remove oneself from real time and take a break "outside of time." Also, it reaches for conceptual abstraction using physical means, separating the concept from the specification, comparability and intent of reality.

七天,是2005 年的项目计划,与展览一万年临近,但是直到2008 年才 在菲律宾得以实现,地点在圣托马斯大学,在二次世界大战中这个地方曾经是日本人关押美军战俘的一个集中营。计划是:在这个地方封闭“关押”七天,除了生活必被的物品没有其他物资,每个艺术家可以根据自己的计划得到一件有限的材料,在这七天内来完成自己的项目。孙原的计划十分个人化,他与外界完全隔绝,有足够的食物,没有光线,没有时间,没有声音,以自己的生物钟来预计他的七天,等待他自己已经认为到了七天的时候,他就自己打开封闭的门出来,门口有一个记时器,他按下记时器锁定他的七天。事实是:他在没有任何坐标的情况下计算的七天是五天十二小时四十七分十秒。孙原的封闭七天不仅有足够的食物,也有正常的住宿条件,并且结束的时刻是凭借自我随时的判断,具有完全的主动性,不以“迫害”自己身体和精神为目的,保持了一种科学试验的态度。时间一直是人类根本性的限制问题,这个计划更接近于一个科学性的实验,目的是寻找自身时间坐标与现行的时间规则的差别,得出一个带有数字结论的自我规律与公共规则之间的差距的判断,与现实时间世界拉开距离,仿佛可以站到“时间之外”稍做休息。同时,也以物理形态的方法达到在观念上的抽象,使观念上对于现实的目的,指向及对照性得以消除。