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The below is an agreement between the following two parties:

Sun Yuan, Peng Yu (Owners), hereafter ¡®Party A¡¯
Mr. Chen Bowen (Custodian) hereafter ¡®Party B¡¯

Concerning and defining the nature of the collaboration? ¡°Open Sesame¡± (hereafter ¡®the project¡¯), created by Party A on the occasion of ¡°Trading Futures¡± exhibition (dates March 3, 2012 to March 31, 2012, organized by the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, held at Taipei Contemporary Art Center, hereafter ¡®the exhibition¡¯)

Section I: Rights and Obligations
This agreement states that the following items: one pneumatic machine gun SHOEI MG-42, one sniper rifle SOCOM GEAR, and German manufactured military-grade tripod stand (see attached photos), hereafter referred to as ¡®the objects¡¯, are the sole ownership of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Because these items cannot be transported to China due to legal reasons, they will remain under the custody of Party B indefinitely.

1. While ¡®the objects¡¯ are under the care of Party B, Party B is obligated to display them in his home for a consecutive period totaling one year (time period to be calculated from date ¡®the objects¡¯ arrive in Party B¡¯s possession)
2. Party B is responsible for cleaning, maintenance and repair of ¡®the objects¡¯. All? resulting costs are to be incurred by Party B. Party B is responsible for keeping ¡®the objects¡¯ in the same condition as when received.
3. During the period of custody, Party B is required to take photographs of ¡®the objects¡¯ as requested by Party A (including the first year of display period and following after)
4. Party B retains the right to display ¡®the objects¡¯ during the period of custody outlined in this contract.
5. If ¡®the objects¡¯ are returned to Party A, except Party A, Party B retains the right to borrow ¡®the objects¡¯ for display.

Section II: Contract termination
1. Under conditions whereby ¡®the objects¡¯ can be transported back to China, and Party A requests they are transported to China, Party B unconditionally accept the terms of their return and shall provide necessary arrangements for their transport.
2. Under conditions whereby Party A immigrates to another country, Party A shall reclaim full custody of the items. Party B shall unconditionally accept the terms of their return and shall provide necessary arrangements for their transport.

Section III: Dispute Resolution
All matters not covered in this Agreement or any dispute concerning the interpretation of this agreement shall be settled through negotiated agreement of both parties.



Party A Representative£ºPengyu Party B Representative Cheng bowen


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